It’s 2014 and I still am seeing idiots say MJ wanted to be white. HE SUFFERED FROM A SKIN DISEASE. Please stop being so damn delusional, if these pictures aren’t enough proof then you need serious help.

It’s because the media never uses photos like these. Even though MJ’s vitiligo photos now show up all over Google images, I never see them attempt to use them.

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President Barack Obama at the White House Correpondents’ Dinner. 


this shit was brutal

The best part was when he was laughing at one of his jokes and couldn’t stop, and the people in the audience who weren’t laughing at first had to laugh with him.

if Pres Obama ever read me I would just go home and turn off the lights forever.

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Cis Women: transphobia, misogyny, hatred

I was asked to make one of these showcasing cis females who @ Amiyah or express transphobia and misogyny (no it doesn’t only come from men, I read men quoting the last set saying it’s not fair to blame men and I won’t), ironically almost all of these women are also black, like Amiyah. These same women are the same type of women to get extremely offended if Amiyah snaps back and will accuse Amiyah of hating “natural born” females. This is the black community summed up on social networks. Black twitter alone is embarrassing.

I know the black community is tough and we use jokes to build our strength but this is cyber bullying and the results can be dangerous for Amiyah and women like her, who already live in violent neighborhoods. These ladies laugh when their boyfriends or male friends say they will beat Amiyah with a brick, or fight her “like the nigga” she is, or if men express utter disgust. This makes them feel secure/safe as being cis. This makes them feel loved and wanted, when they are able to watch someone get ostracized who has a different experience.

As I said in the past, cis women are trying to “trick” men with little “would you hit” tests using Amiyah (because she’s the most popular, vixen-like black twitter transgender) just to see if a man will be attracted to her because it’s obvious she’s attractive to dang near everybody, to tell him that he’s gay and to shame him with homophobia. Either way these women feel like it’s great entertainment. If he says “She’s hot. That’s a pretty woman.” - “You’re gay! That’s a man! Yuck. I can’t believe you’re gay!” and if he says “Eww that’s a man. I’d beat his ass” - They’re laughing uncontrollably. These are the same women who will follow Amiyah on instagram and twitter, say they are pro-trans, say Amiyah is one of the most beautiful people they’ve ever seen (obviously perceiving her outer appearance as female) but will shame a man who believes the same. That’s dangerous.

Homophobia and transphobia need to be discussed way more in the black community and you can’t deny it. We have work to do and issues like this to address, when 1 out of 8 black trans women are murdered.

Wow, this is disgusting. SHE looks perfectly beautiful the way SHE is. Seems like some of these bitches are jealous.

Either way, this is NOT okay. I pity the people who shame others for being different than they are. Shame on you all.

postwhitesociety what we were talking about.

Look how threatened these cis women are, I really wanna point how a good chunk of them love say “I’m not homophobic” while being transophobic, transmisogynistic, and displaying transmisogynoir. Like they are so willing to jump to saying I’m not homophobic but then go on to use the threat of homosexuality against men. This is a case of speaking out on how Black Cis Women will use Gay Black Men as accessories. This is also a case point example of how cis women treat transwomen’s bodies as an their entitled right of ownership. The thought that a Black Transwomen is out to get them, “steal their men”, cis women forever putting transwomen in the role as competition, when they didn’t ask, nor want to be there. They are threatened by Amiyah, because these cis women have brought into the respectability politics, who have brought into the misogynoir, and transmisogynoir of wifey material politics, and feel shallow, because of it.

This thought that Black Transwomen, and Transwomen’s bodies in general exist solely for the purpose of Cis folks, is garbage. Look how they treat Amiyah’s existence as a walking guide book to their love life, how they use her as evidence to decide whether or not a man they are interested in is worthy. 

Smh jealousy at its finest. Amiyah is a beautiful queen.

I was thinking can we get a Protect Amiyah, I Stand with Black Transwomen hastag trending on twitter, can we blow these folks mentions who are all in Amiyah’s mentions, can we make this a thing. I wanna know where Black Twitter at, because there needs to be some dragging done. I’m always seeing the after math of Amiyah’s mentions with this transmisogynoir, transmisogyny, and transphobia, and misgendering, but I have not yet seen Black Twitter come to together in protective force for Amiyah, I see it for Laverne, I saw it for Janet Mock, but I haven’t seen it for Amiyah, I was get this started, Black Tumblr can we get this going?